Several stuff I wish I knew sooner at York

This is a quick list of tips to make your life easier/cheaper in York, for transport, sport and food.

  •  Transport:
    •     There are two buses who go from Uni to town: the 44 (unibus) and the 4 (transdev, I think). The ticket costs £1,50 for a simple travel and £2 for a return.
    •     In my first week I asked to a lot of home students if it was possible to get better price, and nobody could answer me. But what you should do as soon as possible is purchase a Unibus card:  it costs £18 for 20 trips the first time, and 15 if you top-up it before the 19 (i.e., soon).  BUT, it works only with the 44.
    • Finally, be careful and fast if you see this kind of discount, because it’s often for a short period; it’s usually £20 for 20 tickets.
    • Get a RailCard. I’m didn’t and I should have: I think it’s £27, and you’ll save loads if you travel even just a bit. You’ll get the payback with a travel to London, for example.
  •  Sport: You may know that there are 2 gyms available on campus.
    • Sport center is the closest if you live on Heslington West, and is just after James College. I’ve never been there but it seems to have some good equipments, and it costs around £15 a month.
    • The other one is at Sport village, which is further after Heslington East, and costs around 30£ a month, but has a swimming pool which is more than acceptable. They hold classes too.
    • The campus is a really cool place to run (especially compared to Lyon), and you can check the routes I run usually on my RunKeeper account, here.
    • If you plan to go to Sport village, either to subscribe or only for swimming (£3.80 each time), you should purchase as soon as possible the York Card: with this card you’re considered as a York resident, so you get reduction in several places, the swimming pool entry for £2.40. The card costs now nothing, because they are changing the system: if you get one before the beginning of June, you won’t have to pay anything until then. So do it and save !

      York Card

  • Food: You surely know that Costcutter sale food, but Aldi and Morrisons are around 20 minutes away, and are way cheaper. And have unreasonably cheap alcohol. And if you want proper vegetables, you should try the market in town, which is everyday and not very expensive.

I don’t have any more idea from now, but I’ll add anything I think about here ! I hope you’ll have the best experience of York !

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