Quite good, I guess.

After my first two months in England, this became for me the typical English expression:

Quite good, I guess.

I hear this very often: it fits for a night out, an exam, a run. A way to say “not very good” without actually complaining. In the same spirit than “How is it going ?”, which is more polite than actually caring.
Speaking a language I learned in those past 3 years heightens my attention on those details. And I realized that the “Keep calm and carry on” is a lot more a way of living than just a fancy poster.

Archive your social media life with IFTTT, Dropbox and Evernote

If you are an average Facebook user, you may post around 10 items a week: a Youtube video, your latest rant about your History teacher…
And with the tedious system of the timeline of Facebook, you will need an hour to find this awesome music you posted last year, and pretty much the same for your pictures if you’re one of these people with 40 albums. And I’m not considering the time you need to find a old tweet or an obscure gif you posted on your tumblr.
What can you do to make your content easier to browse  ?

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