Archive your social media life with IFTTT, Dropbox and Evernote

If you are an average Facebook user, you may post around 10 items a week: a Youtube video, your latest rant about your History teacher…
And with the tedious system of the timeline of Facebook, you will need an hour to find this awesome music you posted last year, and pretty much the same for your pictures if you’re one of these people with 40 albums. And I’m not considering the time you need to find a old tweet or an obscure gif you posted on your tumblr.
What can you do to make your content easier to browse  ?

Discover the beauty of IFTTT. This weird acronym refers to “IF This Then That”, a website launched at the end of 2010, which counted 1,000,000 recipes in Spring 2012, and it’s still expanding.

What is a recipe ?

A task IFTTT
As this image shows, a recipe associates a “trigger” to an “action”: to choose your trigger and your task, you can choose between the 59 channels, which are different softwares and websites. For example (don’t do this), you decide that each time a new video on Youtube contains the word “duck” (the trigger), you receive a mail via GMail (the action).
To do so, you create a new recipe and associate the feed “ ” to your email address:
Ducks are yours !
It’s is as simple as that.

How to archive your life in 3 steps

Your goal, now, is to find a way to save your Facebook status or tweets. Hopefully, you will not need to create your own recipes, as the ones you need will certainly already exist. If you want to save your text contents (tweets, youtube video you liked), you will need to install Evernote (download it here and discover how cool it is here). If you want to save other contents, like pictures, you will need Dropbox (you can download it here).

First step: Join IFTTT and activate your channels

You can join IFTTT here and start activate the services you want to use. For each, it just consists in log in and allow IFTTT access to your data.

Second step : Browse and find your dream

By simply searching for “Facebook”, you will find my favorite recipe “Every time you are tagged in a photo on Facebook, it will be sent to Dropbox.”. This is a good summary of the magic of IFTTT. Similarly, you can log all your status update using this recipe, or your links using this one.

Third step : Enjoy !

You can easily spend an hour finding awesome recipes, and even more if you know how to manipulate the RSS feed.

If you have any question about anything around IFTTT, please ask ! I’ll be glad to help.

I’ll finish this article with my favorite recipes:




PS: go to see the very good Ted talk of Adam Ostrow about post death social media: After your final status update

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