Alice Sebold – The lovely bones

The beginning of The Lovely Bones is unusual: the main character is murdered, unable to act in any way on the story, and the murderer is already known. We could wonder what will it talk about. But more than an investigation, The Lovely Bones presents how the family tries to evolve around this void, and how all the members take a profound thought on the way this shaped them.

Not so deep beneath the earth were the warrens of the wild rabbits I loved, the bunnies that ate the vegetables and the flowers in the neighborhood nearby and that sometimes, unwittingly, brought poison home to their dens. Then, inside and so far away from the man or woman who had laced the garden with toxic bait, an entire family of rabbits would curl into themselves and die.

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Trip to London

Camben shops, London

Length of the stay: 3 days
Cumulated time spent in a bus: 12h
Shared nachos plates: 7
# of people I shared the room with: 13
Hours of sleep: 10

It had not been planned at the beginning of the year, but when I learned that 3 of my friends (Florence, Kyr and Marion) were having a trip to England to visit a friend in London, I discretely talked about the possibility of joining them. They planned to come on what was the February break in France, so it meant I would have to miss 2 days of class. Surmountable.

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About a boy – Nick Hornby

About a boy is the story of Marcus and Will, a 12 years old boy and a thirty-six years old spoiled guy. After Marcus’s mother attempted to her, her son realized that second-hand jumpers and vegetarian food might not be everything he needs to be happy. He decides to use Will as a mentor, wherever it goes.

‘Marcus is being eaten alive at school, you know. They take him pieces every single fucking day of a week and you’re worried about where his trainers com from and whether I’m molesting him.”

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The GiddyUp network and procrastination: this won’t help (continuous streaming of Friends, Simpsons, Scrubs…)

I just discovered it so I share: The GiddyUp Network is a website which broadcasts 70 tv shows continuously. If the bad scaling of Breaking Bad or TBBT disappointed me (a kind of 4/3 instead of 16/9), I am sure you will find something to please you, in case of you are to lazy to find a way to procrastinate.

You will find: The Simpsons, Friends, House M.D., Fresh Prince, Futurama, South Park, American Dad, Family Guy, Scrubs

Update: I just discovered (via r/internetisbeautiful) a continuous stream of 90’s and early 2000’s nickelodeon shows. Right now are coming “Are you afraid of the dark?” and Rugrats.

Things I didn’t believe when I arrived in UK: suprising answers

– You never heard about Doctor Who ?
– You know, The boat that rocked ! No ?
– However, where can I find a bin in this train station ?
– Could I have the aubergine without the plastic around ?
– Can I test a bit of this Marmite stuff ?
– Sure I have drinkable water in my room, you don’t ?
– So what is doing York against the repetitive floods ?
– Ho you come from USA ? What are your tuition fees like ?
– So I paid £4.50 my single metro ticket, what did I do wrong ?
– Is there that much French in London ?