About a boy – Nick Hornby

About a boy is the story of Marcus and Will, a 12 years old boy and a thirty-six years old spoiled guy. After Marcus’s mother attempted to her, her son realized that second-hand jumpers and vegetarian food might not be everything he needs to be happy. He decides to use Will as a mentor, wherever it goes.

‘Marcus is being eaten alive at school, you know. They take him pieces every single fucking day of a week and you’re worried about where his trainers com from and whether I’m molesting him.”


But it was a good reason, a reason that would shut her up, and if that was how you had to win arguments, then he’d use it.
‘Because I need a father.”


He wasn’t able to tell Marcus how to grow up, or how to cope with a suicidal mother, or anything like that, but he could certainly tell him that Kurt cobain didn’t play for Manchester United, and for a twelve-years-old boy attending a comprehensive school at the end of 1993, that was maybe the most important information at all.


But was penis-shape chocolate an appropriate gift for your boyfriend’s currently boyfriendless and celibate ex-lover ?


Marcus’s glass was full to overflowing.


Reciprocation was a pretty powerful stimulant to the imagination.


Will let Marcus butter the crumpets because he loved doing it. It was much better than buttering toast, because with toast you had that thing where if the butter is too cold and hard all you could do was scrape off the brown that mad the toast what it was, and he hated that. With crumpets it was effortless: you just put a lump of butter on the top, waited for a few seconds, then messed it about until it started to disapear into the holes. It was one of the few occasions in life where things seemed to go right everytime.


It was something of a double paradox, really: you were enjoying someone’s conversation so much that
a) you appeared to glaze over, and
b) you wanted to stop her talking by covering her mouth with yours. It was no good and something had to be done about it, but he had no idea what: he had never been in this situation before.


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