Complete guide for : RSS feeds with Newsfox

“Neanderthals”, 2012, Klaus Pichler
Picture found by following Behold, the photo blog of Slate

Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, with these three sites you can keep your finger on the creative content of the Internet, and you can easily subscribe to any pages/channels/accounts that you want. However, it gets a little harder when you want to follow a special playlist, spend less time on Facebook or simply not have to check your favourite blog everyday.
You might want a fluid, central place to check updates on multiple platforms, and RSS feeds are exactly designed to solve this problem: an RSS feed is a .xml file frequently updated, that you can read and subscribe to with a RSS reader. I personally use NewsFox, and I will explain you how I deal daily with 100 different feeds to actively follow music, local news and creative blogs (you can directly go at the end of the article to find a complete guide of how to get a feed for Soundcloud, Tumblr, Facebook…).

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Art on York: exhibitions

While City Screen and York Opera are making  a lot of communication in town and on campus, if you are not lucky enough to see a rare leaflet (or get the very good One & Other) you will have a hard time to find new and young artists on York, or simply art pieces, especially since York Art Gallery closed 4 months ago. What I like to do here is to give you resources to discover and enjoy art in York !

Burning Flowers - Mat CollishawBurning Flowers - Mat CollishawBurning Flowers - Mat Collishaw

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Special mixtape: NASA Space apps challenge

Some pizzas for dinner

I’m actually doing and international hackathon with the NASA, the NASA Space App Challenge. 28h to realise a project, so I need good music to hold the length ! And if you know some good dj sets, put it in comment !

More informations on the Space App Challenge website, and on the project “NASA’s Impact on the Economy“. And follow how I’m doing on twitter: @kombuchacoalt

A 8h long music playlist > Youtube !

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Paulo Coelho – Aleph

WanderlustAleph is a very good book. Not as much because of the story but because of the main character’s inspiration: a writer who takes the Transiberian from Moscow to Vladivostok with his Russian Editor, a translator and an strange girl, Hilal. I love Paulo Coehlo’s sens of life, experience and travel. I found not less than 16 very inspiring quotes in this book, in other words I spent the entire book writing down page numbers on my phone. But it was worth it.

Here I am trying to persuade myself that I always give the best of myself and nature is telling me exactly the opposite: anyone truly committed to life never stops walking.

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My three networks: more on your facebook friendships with

I just came back on a facebook app I used a long time ago: Friendwheel.
I didn’t go back to it since I’m at York, so I’m quite surprised by the result:

It’s not so impressive, but still, I’m struck to see how clearly my group of friends are highlighted:

  • The top, blue to red part, represents my network at Uni
  • The gree part represents what I would call CPEB (artist residence where the band Panio comes from), and a certain group of friends from highschool
  • The slighly more yellow part represents my class in highschool
  • The yellow to orange part represents only people I met via the uni at Lyon
  • The almost empty part at the right are all the people I met in summer camp (as a kid or a worker)

So a lot of stuff I already knew, but cool to see properly !

Lake Disctrict trip


This trip was a challenge: 4 days after I came back from London at 5 am, I had to leave the campus at 5.30. Basically, the plan was to leave York way too early, to do 2, 3 good hikes at Lake District (i.e. at the opposite side of England, North-West). One 6 hours long walk to go to the hostel, and two smaller the day after. Which meant that whatever we wanted to bring to the hostel had to be carried all the way. I think that the Erasmus Society, who organized the trip, didn’t plan that around 30 people would show up.

But here we were, 6.55am at the Train station, ready to go.

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