Mixtape #3: Endpril


Most of the things here are quite old, but I should post stuff more new next time ! Though all of them are huge crushes. [Playlist Youtube]

Paradis – La Ballade de Jim

Discovered the 8th of April, via Matoutube 1. Special mention for the English accent. And you can fearlessly listen everything Paradis did, it’s magic (except Back to you)

Air – Alone in Tokyo

Discovered the 15th of April via Quora. I listened a bit more of Air, but it’s not as good.

Chill Bump – Home Sweet Home

Discovered the 11thn via Matoutube 8

Angel Haze – New york (King Krule Rework)

Discovered the 8yh of February (old !) via Tubalr, when I was looking for King Krule tunes. I made a playlist of reworks/remixes of King Krule, it’s really good.

DEvolution – My Friends

Discovered the 6th of April via Majestic Casual. It sounds a bit like the CHVRCHES track I posted a month ago, and I love it !

Picture from Chiméres, a series by William Farges

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