J.D. Salinger – The Catcher in the Rye

I heard a lot about this book before, and it was on my list since a very long time. It’s one of these books where nothing really happens: a 16 years old boy leaves his school and spends 3 days in New York before coming he can go back home. And he also talks about Jane, a girl.
But it’s a very good book.

“I call people a ‘prince’ quite often when I’m horsing around. It keeps me from getting bored or something.”

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Spike Milligan – Adolf Hitler My part in his downfall

I didn’t get all the jokes, but I like the way they all have a meaning to describe what the author thinks (sometimes). It’s a very light way to talk about war, from a guy who actually didn’t fight (not in this book, at least). It made me think about “Souvenirs de la guerre récente”, from Carlos Liscano (I couldn’t find the English title), where the main character also stays in a military camp (for other reasons), trying to pass the time.

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Daytrip to Whitby

Cleveland way

The 5 weeks of Easter break were a dry desert hard to cross. I’ve been able to work on 2 exams, read 2 maths books, and a friend’s guitar made it slightly easier to pass; but a day hiking by the sea was an highlight for this studious period.
After comparing the different rides we could do, Floris, Josi and I decided to combine train and bus to go from York to Robin hood’s Bay.

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Exhaustive playlist: Fauve ≠


6 months ago I discovered Fauve ≠, and since I always have the same feeling when listening to it: everything that is said, I felt it before, without being able to say it.
I like the way the songs talk about human, lived stories, more like a conversation between friends.
Fauve ≠ revealed four songs so far, and will release an album the 20th of May. But they also played acoustics versions of unpublished songs, and some “patisseries”: here is an exhaustive list of what you can find from F≠uve, and a 53mn long playlist.


“c’est tellement plus facile de sourire plutôt que d’être heureux”
“qu’on se répète encore une fois que l’ennui est un crime,  la vie est un casse du siècle, un putain de piment rouge”

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