RSS feeds, April

After my article about RSS feeds, I decided to make an article for the new feeds I add. I now have more than 110 feeds, so here are the last 10 new ones:

WEEKEND WOLVES Youtube’s channel:

I discovered this group with 54matou, in one of his playlists.



A comic blog I discovered via Bouletcorp. RSS

William Farges:

William Farges is a French photographer from Toulouse. I used one if his pictures for my last playlist. RSS

Nicolas Jaar’s Soundcloud:

Discovered via 54matou. RSS

The Grid:

A York based art blog that I found via One&Other. RSS

Hanne Dale’s tumblr:

A Norwegian photographer, that I found when see liked my tumblr post about  Justin Quinnell’s pinhole photographies. RSS

Beats in Space:

A New York based radio show, also producing Paradis’ records. They post tracks and DJ sets. RSS


LET’S PLAY HOUSE is a record label who produced a Paradis’record. They post tracks, usually. RSS

Stephen Wolfram Blog:

wolfram countries facebook graphs

The number of people in Facebook population moving between different countries

Steven Wolfram is a famous scientist, behind Matematica and Wolfram Alpha. Amongst others he made a very good article about data analysis on Facebook (click on the picture). RSS

八八吧 :: 88 Bar

WeChat, a Chinese app and its “shake” function, to find other users around you

Blog about interesting facts and news in China, posting good techs articles, that I found via an article on TED. RSS

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