Spike Milligan – Adolf Hitler My part in his downfall

I didn’t get all the jokes, but I like the way they all have a meaning to describe what the author thinks (sometimes). It’s a very light way to talk about war, from a guy who actually didn’t fight (not in this book, at least). It made me think about “Souvenirs de la guerre récente”, from Carlos Liscano (I couldn’t find the English title), where the main character also stays in a military camp (for other reasons), trying to pass the time.

“Next Day, the last day at Camp, we were allowed into Salisbury. I went to see the Cathedral. I’ll never forget the feeling of awe when I walked in. A boys’ choir was singing something that sounded like Monteverdi. The voices soared up to the fluted vaults as though on wings. The morning autumn sun was driving through the stained-glass window throwing colours on the floor of the nave, the whole building was a psalm in the stone. It all made me aware of the indescribable joy derived from beauty.”

Salisbury Cathedral (can someone explain me the difference between a cathedral and a minster?)

“The joy of lying on your back facing a starry sky is something I remember for its simplicity. Not that we weren’t living a simple life. Oh no, we were all bloody simple or we wouldn’t be in this boat.”

The picture comes from a recent article of  Grand Format, the photo blog of Slate.fr, about the Second World War in Northern Country. This picture is Hitler arriving in Finland the 4th of June 1942.

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