NASA International Space Apps Challenge: my 28h marathon at York

24h before I wasn’t quite sure. 24h after I was still there.

The NASA International Space Apps Challenge. 4 words very attractive, and one intimidating: I have no idea how to make an app, I felt totally stranger to events like “hackathon” or “codethon”.  On the other hand, the idea of the word “NASA” anywhere on my CV sounded great. So once month before I accepted the invitation on Facebook. I didn’t really think about it until 1 week before, when Derek, a friend from Erasmus Society, tried to recruit some competitors at an Erasmus dinner, I saw he was sharing my worries and still seemed very motivated. So it started !

Ron Cook Hub - University of York

Look at these gorgeous meeting rooms on the water!

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RSS feeds, May: Music edition

Now that I started, it’s quite hard to stop following anything that sounds new and exciting. For some artists I still haven’t decide what is better, Soundcloud or Bandcamp, though.

You can see below the many new music feeds and artists I found recently:

Exist Strategy

Exit Strategy is a Quebecian electronic producer from Montréal. His new album, Dreamcatcher, is very soothing and ambient. You can download it for free on his bandcamp. (RSS via Cloud Flipper)

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