RSS feeds, May: Music edition

Now that I started, it’s quite hard to stop following anything that sounds new and exciting. For some artists I still haven’t decide what is better, Soundcloud or Bandcamp, though.

You can see below the many new music feeds and artists I found recently:

Exist Strategy

Exit Strategy is a Quebecian electronic producer from Montréal. His new album, Dreamcatcher, is very soothing and ambient. You can download it for free on his bandcamp. (RSS via Cloud Flipper)

NU Northen Soul

NuNorthen Soul is a label from Liverpool, producing Folk, Folktronica and Electronic music. I really like the first track of their last production, You started it all by Ragz Nordset on Sleepdancing.

I discovered it in the Bandcamp Weekly #2 and follow their Soundcloud. (RSS via Cloud Flipper)

Demi Douzaine D’Huîtres

Demi Douzaine D’Huîtres is a Youtube channel launched 2 weeks ago by, among others, a friend from York. They are posting fresh and new music with sometimes nice French visual. Make your opinion with Shlohmo – Later (with a visual from “Exentrique(s)”, in Paris’s Grand Palais by Daniel Buren). (RSS)

Elsa Hewitt

Elsa Hewitt is a York student I met one or twice. She is doing nice sensible music, I’d compare her old albums to Angus and Julia Stone. I still have to listen to the lyrics, though.

She didn’t released anything on her bandcamp since a while, you can follow here on Youtube. (RSS)

The song she posted this week made me think about Camille, both the music and the pronunciation, and I’m excited to hear more new songs from her (check Gwyn Fowler also while you’re here).

Nicolas Jaar

I recently fall in love with Nicolas Jaar, especially for this song. I’m impatient to hear new tracks from him. (Youtube / RSS)

Bruxelles ma belle

Bruxelles ma belle is producing acoustic videos of artists playing in cool places in Bruxelles. I heard about them via 54matou, who posted a while ago this video of the artist Le Colisée playing in the Wiertz Museum.

They also made videos with The Asteroid Galaxy Tour, Gerald Genty, Dionysos… (Youtube / RSS)


Ishome is a Russian electronic artist that I found via 54matou. You can listen to her album mix here. (Soundcloud / RSS)

Délicieuse Musique

Délicieuse Musique is a Youtube channel / record label. They released last week an EP by Stavroz with this excellent track, The Finishing. Excellent track. (Youtube / RSS)

I also follow some other stuff I have to made an opinion about, like la belle musique, MIQD, Majestic Casual, DEVolution I’ll talk about later if it’s good.

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