Mixtape May/June

New format for this new mixtape:

I attended to a very quick DJing class with the Uni radio, URY, so for this selection I used my new skills with Virtual DJ. Tell me what you think about it!

Treat Me Like Fire – Lion Babe: Discovered in the BandCamp weekly °3

Praise You (Maribou State Remix) – Fatboy Slim: Discovered via La Belle Musique, which closed not a long time ago, sadly.

You & Me – Disclosure: From the new Disclosure album, be sure to listen to it!

The Finishing – Stavroz: Discovered via Délicieuse Musique, I talked about it 2 weeks ago

Water No Get Enemy – Fela Kuti: From the very good Boiler Room mix of Dave from The Invisibles
Princess Hello – Elsa Hewitt: from Uni of York
You Started It All – Ragz Nordset :from Bandcamp Weekly 2
And I Say (Xinobi Edit) – Nicolas Jarr
Temporary Secretary – Paul McCartney : From Dave’s Boiler Room mix again
The Sober Scent Of Paper – The Leisure Society: From my friend Paul, that will be with me in my next article about my Edinburgh trip

4 thoughts on “Mixtape May/June

  1. If I may comment, I think it’s a good mix and I especially liked the selection of tracks (kind of Radio Nova style 😉 ). But I would have ordered some of them differently, in a more progressive manner to bring the listener on a smooth journey.
    I liked how you introduced Nicolas Jarr’s track with the drums 🙂 (by the way, every tracks he has produced are really interesting).
    As a matter of taste, I also tend to prefer Traktor over VirtualDJ. Anyway if you liked this class, you should consider getting a physical controller with an external soundcard included : it’s easier because you have two real channels (main room and headphones) and of course you are not limited to doing just one thing at a time with a poor mouse cursor 🙂

  2. You must comment!
    Indeed, some transitions feel very clumsy, I’m still struggling to make the transitions smooth. A track like “Temporary Secretary” was hard to set.

    And I want a physical controller! I just discover the effects on Virtual DJ and it’d be so much fun with proper buttons.

    Do you know any source of good mixes? Good Boiler Room or Mixcloud?

    • You did not choose the easiest tracks to mix (unlike club remixes of mainstream tunes).

      I own the Behringer BCD3000 controller: pretty cool but a bit old. It allows an easy access to the FXs but be careful to not overuse them, it is a common problem among beginners discovering Virtual DJ (and one of the reason why some people do not take this software seriously).

      I use a good podcast player (Podcast Addict for Android) to keep me subscribed to DJs and radio shows I like.

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