Lord Jim – Joseph Conrad (1900)

Mer Méditérranée, 2009 - Alexandre Christiaens Lord Jim Joseph Conrad

The story of a fine old chap. The first book I read from the Art of Manliness list of books, and it has for subject a man who is struggling with guilt and remorse, trying to make his way out of it. As you’ll read below, the writing style is old, and good : it made it quite hard to read at the beginning, and as with several other English books, I didn’t get the plot on the spot, but often later. Really good.

‘Surely in no other craft as in that of the sea do the hearts of those already launched to sink or swim go out so much to the youth on the brink, looking with shinning eyes upon that glitter of the vast surface which is only a reflection of his own glances full of fire. There is such magnificent vagueness in the expectations that had driven each of us to the sea, such a glorious indefiniteness, such a beautiful greed of adventures that are their own and only reward ! What we get – well, we won’t talk of that ; but can one of us restrain a smile ?’

p 94

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