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It’s hard to find a picture tonight (found here)

Every time I start to rant against how slow my “browsing” is, I take time to remember how much I loaded my browser. To make internet just what I’d like it to be, it takes a few addons: while I can’t manage to understand why so few people use some of those (like Adblock), some others are just for comfort, or privacy. And as I’m always preaching for my addons every time I have the occasion, I thought I should do a small list, here it is.

Adblock plus
The king of all. With Adblock Plus, you will get rid of all ads, everywhere. Ads on internet just don’t exist anymore for me: no more on Youtube to cut your party playlist, no more stupid “targeted” ads on Facebook. And it feels great. Get it here. (It also works to hide any recurrent internet content).

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Oracle Night – Paul Auster

Oracle Night Paul Auster Quote time travel

Picture found here.

Update 7/03: in the book there is the story of a guy who drops his whole life (wife, work…) because a falling gargoyle fall one foot away from him. It happens to a guy passing under balconies just next to where I live, except it was a vase. I’m wondering if he dropped his life yet.

As Paul Auster often does, the story of a book inside the story of a book. This goes well, as the story flows easily : after Paulo Coehlo spiritual writing, the profoundly human speech of Paul Auster was a bliss.
Moreover, I got some descriptions from this book as well, and I may plunge into Boris Vian again to find his : I noticed I’m completely unable to describe someone, with any word. I hope focusing on authors’ descriptions will help me find a way.

She is dressed in the simplest clothes, has almost no makeup on, wears her hair in a short, unfashionable cut, and yet her face is so lovely, Nick finds, so achingly young and unguarded, so much (he suddenly thinks) an emblem of hope and uncoiled human energy, that he momentarily stops breathing.
p 14

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Restore Missing or Deleted Favorite Links Shell Folder (liens favoris en français)

Because I spent dozens of minutes trying to get back the disappeared “Favorite links” folder of Vista, I’m sharing it the only solution which works.

Instead of simple right-click menu or complicated registry operations like said here, a simple search will create the folder you need (weird). I copy here the solution I found :

To restore back the Links folder which will be recognized and detected as shell folder for Favorite Links in navigation pane, and thus allowing users to manage the shortcuts or URLs in the “Favorite Links” pane again, type shell:links in Start Search box in Start Menu, or in the Run command. “shell:links” will re-create the valid folder again in appropriate user location again.

I found this solution of, I hope it’ll quicken the search for the next persons.

Be careful though : the folder you just created is not as good as the one you lost. Indeed, if you drag a folder in this new one, it won’t create a shortcut automatically but will try to transfer the whole folder : you must create a shortcut yourself.

Get rid of repetitive actions with Autohotkey (Windows)

autohotkey lifehack organisation

Picture found here.

This morning, I made a terrible mistake and managed to delete my Autohotkey script. I’ve been using it since more than a year now, and nuilt it little by little, everytime I noticed something I was tired to do repeatedly.

But deleting it, and having to rebuild it is a good occasion to dive again in the beauty of Autohotkey, and I’ll share with you the process.

What’s Autohotkey ?

Autohotkey is a quick, light and open-source automation program, that can do a LOT of things. Things I’ll teach you here will include :

  • Text completion : press a short combination of letter, and get any long sentence you repeat often (e.g. : tfr > “Thanks for your response.”)
  • Easy access to special characters, like Ç, É or œ. More for French people I guess.
  • Music player shortcuts : make any key being the “next”, “prev” of your music player.
  • And lot more : put anything fullscreen, superfast Google request, and more…
  • Get rid of desktop shortcut : access to all your favorite programs in a keystroke.

Autohotkey works with two things : the software itself, which use rarely more than 2mb of CPU, and a special script, a *.ahk file. To get the installer, you can click here or go on Autohotkey website. Install it, and let the program open a blank script for you.
You can get started !

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The Pilgrimage – Paulo Coehlo

Wandering castle Guillaume Ducreux
Like often with Paulo Coelho’s books, The Pilgrimage is a nice read. But unlike the others I read (the Alchemist and Aleph), there are just a few things about life in general, and so much about rituals, religions, and the pilgrimage (the main character does the road to Santiago) itself. I managed to find some good quotes, mainly about the concept of good fight, but this is my least favourite book from Paulo Coelho. Without considering that I just started a Paul Auster book, which is so much better. (I still manage to read this during a trip in Ireland, just like the last one. This was good.)

In spite of the knowledge that there were many ways in which I could fail, I had taken the first step.

p 11

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