TED insights: relationships

If I like to find new concepts and insights on a big range of subjects, I appreciate even more when it concerns subjects rarely addressed. That’s why I wanted to share with you those 3 great TED talks, about relationships, sex and love.

Al Vernacchio: Sex needs a new metaphor. Here’s one …

Exploring the classic English metaphor to talk about sex, baseball, Al Vernacchio explores what it reveals about deep pre-conceptions and how those are wrong. He then proposes a new metaphor, aiming towards acceptance and respect : pizza.

Yann Dall’Aglio : Comment sauver l’amour?

Yann Dall’Agli tries to unravel the logic that makes love unlogic : how we change ourselves, our expectations or desires because of love. He points out that more than looking for someone to love, we look for someone to assure our value on a daily basis; and says what he think you should do about it.

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

In this moving 20 minutes long TED talk, Brene Brown shares deep insights about why it feels so scary to give yourself over someone, to share a feeling that might not be mutual, or to give full trust to a person you love. Then she talks about how overcoming these fears will make you happier and your life fuller.

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