Quick thing I made

cover ted

A little post to explain something that just appeared as my Facebook cover: today I watched a TED Talk from Chris Hadfield, a retired Canadian astronaut who made himself famous (as if flying through the starry sky wasn’t enough) by being very active on internet through Youtube, Reddit and others. In his talk he talks about his fears, his dreams (how original for a Ted talk), but the way he reached the furthest of his dreams and is still decided to get the best out of life has been highly inspiring for me, as I’ve been struggling with this kind of thoughts since a couple of days.

Feeling this rare rush of emotion given by just a few Ted talks, a sentence came to my mind : “Pas de projets, pas de but, pas de désir, pas d’envie.“, meaning “no project, no goal, no desire, no envy”. It comes from a movie called “Sans toit ni loi” (I’ve heard about it in a radio show) and this sentence, pronounced by a man describing the main character of the movie, came to me as the perfect verbalisation of my ill-being, just as Chris Hadfield’s talk is filled with what makes the core of my well-being.

I think I should never lose sight on these two opposites states of mind, represented by these two contents, as they’re the raw material my feelings are made from. So I created this little piece, on which I add three persons, all authors of profoundly human Ted talks:

  • David Steindl-Rast: in 2013, this Benedictine monk gave a touching talk about gratitude, giving an other quote which is coming often to my mind, “Stop, look, go”.
  • Diana Nyad: currently my favorite Ted talk. The 2 september 2013, Diana Nyad reached Florida, completing a 53h swim from Cuba. She reflects on the 4 failures she faced before, the critics she faced and the exploit she achieved. At 64.
  • Brené Brown: I talked before about this “vulnerability scientist”, who gave me completely new insights about involvement and emotional life.

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