TED : 100+

Since I passed the 100 watched TED talks (for Technology, Entertainment, Design) in my log, I thought about quickly sharing my favourite here. Postponing brought me to 135, so I’ll do it now before I reach 150. I already shared some great TEDs  about relationship in this article and some which touched me deeply in this article, here are a few more of the talks I loved.

The last burst of motivation I receive for this article came from this hilarious talk by the “performance artist and storyteller” Rives, in which he shares his passion with 4 in the morning. How a passion for an hour appears, builds itself and becomes the most absurd crowdsourced project ever made, Rives tells it all. An amazing storyteller, indeed.

Rives has a contestant for the “funniest TED talk” I’ve ever seen: Adam Spencer. Surprisingly, Spencer manages to hold a 17min long talk on the hard subject of monster primes, and the most hilarious.

An other subject treated in a joyfull way: parasites. Ed Yong gives a great talk about mind controlling tape worms and others, with a great elocution and highly disturbing pictures.

In this short presentation, Jeremy Kasdin talks about the craziest science project I’ve heard of: a 50 meter large floweer-shape screen with an hole in it which will form a star detection system with a telescope 50.000 km away. “Boom”.

It took me a few days to find motivation to watch this complicated talk: in just 15 minutes, John Searle exposed 4 fallacies about how we usually think about consciousness, and deliver 4 features of consciousness to turn off those fallacies. When philosophy thinks with the help of neurobiology, it delivers aminzingly clear insights.

I’m not ending with the most joyful TED talk, nor the shortest. But the seriousness of the subject and how it is spread out justify it, as Andrew Salomon gives the most sensible, anthropology enlightened and hopeful speech about depression I’ve been given to hear.

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