Paris : lieux non-policés

[J’ai créé une carte Google des lieux que je mentionne, ici.]

J’ai écrit mon article sur Lyon l’année dernière parce que j’avais galéré de mon coté à trouver des coins non conventionnelles à Lyon, en découvrant plus par copinage entre les organismes que par une source dédiée à cela : les quelques heures que j’ai passé à faire mes recherches pour mon court séjour à Paris m’ont persuadé que je pourrais pondre quelque chose d’utile avec ce que j’ai vu tout le long.

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NASA International Space Apps Challenge: my 28h marathon at York

24h before I wasn’t quite sure. 24h after I was still there.

The NASA International Space Apps Challenge. 4 words very attractive, and one intimidating: I have no idea how to make an app, I felt totally stranger to events like “hackathon” or “codethon”.  On the other hand, the idea of the word “NASA” anywhere on my CV sounded great. So once month before I accepted the invitation on Facebook. I didn’t really think about it until 1 week before, when Derek, a friend from Erasmus Society, tried to recruit some competitors at an Erasmus dinner, I saw he was sharing my worries and still seemed very motivated. So it started !

Ron Cook Hub - University of York

Look at these gorgeous meeting rooms on the water!

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Daytrip to Whitby

Cleveland way

The 5 weeks of Easter break were a dry desert hard to cross. I’ve been able to work on 2 exams, read 2 maths books, and a friend’s guitar made it slightly easier to pass; but a day hiking by the sea was an highlight for this studious period.
After comparing the different rides we could do, Floris, Josi and I decided to combine train and bus to go from York to Robin hood’s Bay.

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Art on York: exhibitions

While City Screen and York Opera are making  a lot of communication in town and on campus, if you are not lucky enough to see a rare leaflet (or get the very good One & Other) you will have a hard time to find new and young artists on York, or simply art pieces, especially since York Art Gallery closed 4 months ago. What I like to do here is to give you resources to discover and enjoy art in York !

Burning Flowers - Mat CollishawBurning Flowers - Mat CollishawBurning Flowers - Mat Collishaw

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Lake Disctrict trip


This trip was a challenge: 4 days after I came back from London at 5 am, I had to leave the campus at 5.30. Basically, the plan was to leave York way too early, to do 2, 3 good hikes at Lake District (i.e. at the opposite side of England, North-West). One 6 hours long walk to go to the hostel, and two smaller the day after. Which meant that whatever we wanted to bring to the hostel had to be carried all the way. I think that the Erasmus Society, who organized the trip, didn’t plan that around 30 people would show up.

But here we were, 6.55am at the Train station, ready to go.

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Trip to London

Camben shops, London

Length of the stay: 3 days
Cumulated time spent in a bus: 12h
Shared nachos plates: 7
# of people I shared the room with: 13
Hours of sleep: 10

It had not been planned at the beginning of the year, but when I learned that 3 of my friends (Florence, Kyr and Marion) were having a trip to England to visit a friend in London, I discretely talked about the possibility of joining them. They planned to come on what was the February break in France, so it meant I would have to miss 2 days of class. Surmountable.

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Things I didn’t believe when I arrived in UK: suprising answers

– You never heard about Doctor Who ?
– You know, The boat that rocked ! No ?
– However, where can I find a bin in this train station ?
– Could I have the aubergine without the plastic around ?
– Can I test a bit of this Marmite stuff ?
– Sure I have drinkable water in my room, you don’t ?
– So what is doing York against the repetitive floods ?
– Ho you come from USA ? What are your tuition fees like ?
– So I paid £4.50 my single metro ticket, what did I do wrong ?
– Is there that much French in London ?

Quite good, I guess.

After my first two months in England, this became for me the typical English expression:

Quite good, I guess.

I hear this very often: it fits for a night out, an exam, a run. A way to say “not very good” without actually complaining. In the same spirit than “How is it going ?”, which is more polite than actually caring.
Speaking a language I learned in those past 3 years heightens my attention on those details. And I realized that the “Keep calm and carry on” is a lot more a way of living than just a fancy poster.